CoinDaddy is a crypto 2.0 services company that makes blockchain technologies easier to understand and use. Our goal is to help users understand the power of blockchain technologies and provide tools to help them use it today to benefit their lives.
Hearing about blockchain and crypto stuff all the time but not sure what it is all about? Want to learn more? We've got you covered! You can watch quick explainer videos in our 'Learn' section to learn how crypto can make your life easier today.
Ready to get started? Thats great! The first step is to Signup for an account and verify your email address. You can then register an asset or add any wallet addresses to your account to have your assets automatically added to your CoinDaddy account.


Our Services

Asset Registration

Do you want to register an asset for a project, or create cool coin to share among friends? Simply create an asset using our easy asset registration service. We will handle registering the asset for you, and within minutes, it will be delivered to your wallet!

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Asset Transfer/Escrow

Do want to sell ownership of an asset? Perhaps you want to buy an asset that someone already owns? We offer anonymous communications between buyers and sellers to negotiate a price, and an escrow service to hold funds until the transfer is completed!

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Asset Enhancement

Have a cool asset and want to get the word out about your idea, project, or cryptocurrency? Simply verify your ownership of the asset via our proof-of-ownership system, pay a small service fee, and we setup and host a website for you at a custom url at!

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My Account - Screenshot
Your CoinDaddy account allows you to manage all your assets and broadcasts in simple manner.
My Wallet Addresses - Screenshot
Users are able to easily add Counterparty and Dogeparty wallet addresses to their account and verify ownership with a small proof-of-ownership deposit.
My Assets - Screenshot
Once asset ownership is verified, assets are added to users CoinDaddy account and can easily be managed from a single location.
My Asset Information - Screenshot
Users are able to add additional information about their asset at any point, including uploading an asset icon, contact information, custom name-value pairs, and more.
CounterpartyChain Enhanced Asset Information - Screenshot
Additional asset information is visible directly on the CoinDaddy blockchain viewer sites, making it much easier for asset owners to associate their asset with their website, company, or project.
CounterpartyChain Enhanced Asset Information - Screenshot
Asset owners are able to list their asset for sale and negotiate anonymously with potential buyers. Once price is agreed on escrow account is funded and CoinDaddy secures the funds until the asset transfer is complete.