Your just a few steps away from registering OMANCOIN! Simply fill out the form below with the information on your asset and where you would like it delivered and we will take care of the rest.

Asset Information
Delivery Information
You can get a Counterparty wallet address by logging into the Counterparty wallet at
DO NOT use a Coinbase address, an exchange address, or a hardware wallet address!
Asset Enhancement Service

The Asset Enhancement Service is a service where we provide you with a website, and some easy-to-use tools which you can use at any time to update your website or associate additional information with your asset.

Helpful Information

Divisible - This determines if your asset can be divided into smaller amounts (1 vs 1.00000000).

Description - This is a brief description for your asset (41 characters max).

Wallet Address - This is the address from your wallet where you would like the asset delivered.

Getting a Counterparty wallet address

You can get a wallet address by logging into the Counterparty wallet using your 12-word passphrase.

If you have never created a wallet, you can create one simply by visiting the Counterparty wallet and clicking the "Create New Wallet" button.

Important Notes

DO NOT use a Coinbase or Exchange address.

ALWAYS make sure to write down your Counterparty wallet 12 word passphrase. If you lose this passphrase you will lose access to your Counterparty wallet and any funds or assets in your wallet.

You can issue asset supply directly from your Counterparty Wallet once your asset is purchased and delivered to your wallet.